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Motivate Your User Through Design Psychology: Presentation from UXPA Boston 2014

For anyone who is interested, I just uploaded my slides from today’s Motivate Your User Through Design Psychology session at UXPA Boston to SlideShare:

I am really pleased with the session and the comments and conversations I’ve had with people who attended. I feel like I learn so much when I discuss these concepts with people who have fresh eyes (or differently experienced eyes). Big thanks to everyone who attended!

I also learned that I need to spend some work on slide design. As usual when I attend a conference, I am insanely jealous of the people with design skills and their awesome-looking presentations.

New on Wired Innovation Insights – Using Technology to Foster Self-Efficacy

Hey peeps, I have a new post up on Wired Innovation Insights this week called Using Technology to Coach: How to Foster User Self-Efficacy. In the post, I talk about how to structure the requests we make of our users to maximize the chance that they will follow through. I also talk about how the work of BJ Fogg and his team at the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford can inform your approach. Check it out!

If you've learned to play the piano, you've got some self-efficacy.
If you’ve learned to play the piano, you’ve got some self-efficacy.