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Pandora’s Siren Song

Pandora's Siren SongOne of the areas where sophisticated algorithms and deep databases have made particular inroads is in personalized music streaming services. There are a number of these on the market, but the one I know the most about is Pandora. While I’m not sure if what Pandora runs on is technically categorized as big data, it does seem to be able to learn from both deep and broad patterns to (fairly) successfully predict individual preferences, which is part of the promise of big data. And it does it with a focus on the what rather than the who. Continue reading Pandora’s Siren Song

The So-Far Wasted Potential of Big Data

The So-Far Wasted Potential of Big DataBig data has been a very hot topic in both technology and behavior science for some time now. People quickly grasp the possibilities big data opens. Theoretically, we can combine all sorts of rich information about individuals, from their shopping habits to their web browsing to their health records to their traffic violations, and use it to engage them in a product, sell them a service, or guide them to better health (I had to add at least one truly prosocial use there).  Continue reading The So-Far Wasted Potential of Big Data

Marrying Health and Consumer Data: Insightful or Invasive?

amybucherphd.com (1)Would you change your behavior if you knew your doctor could keep tabs on you?

Would you pause before putting the chocolate or the chips in your grocery cart? Before forking over your credit card for a pack of cigarettes? What if your doctor could tell how often your gym membership card was swiped for entry? Would you go more often?

And whether you behaved differently or not, how would you feel about your doctor knowing about your consumer habits?  Continue reading Marrying Health and Consumer Data: Insightful or Invasive?