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Drink Local Beer: Harpoon Brewery in Boston, MA

Drink Local BeerTwo things I love are beer and Boston. If I can combine the two, so much the better.

There’s been a boom of breweries in the Boston metro area in the last several years, with tons of new smaller shops adding excellent options to local taps. A few of my favorites are Slumbrew, Jack’s Abby, and Trillium Brewing. These new entrants to the beer market offer interesting twists on classic beer styles, like Jack’s Abby’s variations on the lager.

As awesome as these new breweries are, I’m not here to talk about them. I want to sing the praises of one of Boston’s more senior breweries: Harpoon. Here’s why: Continue reading Drink Local Beer: Harpoon Brewery in Boston, MA

Race Recap: Cambridge 5k Yulefest

Race Recap- Cambridge 5k YulefestYesterday was the final race in my 2014 season: The Cambridge 5k Yulefest. This race begins and ends in Harvard Square and loops through Cambridge.

This is the second time I’ve run this race, and the fourth or fifth race in the C5k series I ran this year. Yulefest had all the hallmarks of the C5k series: Tons of costumes, a DJ blasting music, and best of all, free beer at the finish from phenomenal local breweries including Notch Brewing, Night Shift Brewing, Slumbrew, and Downeast Cider. Continue reading Race Recap: Cambridge 5k Yulefest

Race Recap: Winter Classic 5k

Race RecapYesterday was the second-to-last 5k race for me in 2014, the Winter Classic 5k. This year has been a bummer for me with the Classic series, which I typically like. I skipped the Spring Classic due to feeling under the weather (which may have had something to do with celebrating my wedding anniversary that same weekend, but I’m not confessing anything), and ended up on a plane to China during the Fall Classic. So the Winter Classic was the first race in the series I actually ran this year, despite paying to enter all three. Continue reading Race Recap: Winter Classic 5k

QR Code for my Boston Marathon Fundraising Page

I’m not sure how to use this exactly, in terms of giving it to people or putting it on things to scan, but I thought it was very cool that I could generate my own custom QR code that links to my fundraising site! Check it out!

QR code for Amy Bucher's Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge Boston Marathon donation site.
QR code for Amy Bucher’s Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge Boston Marathon donation site.

Probably I will end up whipping out my phone at the bar to excitedly show someone my QR code only to learn they don’t have the software to read it. Plus, I realize that the QR code makes no sense on a web page since you can just CLICK HERE to donate to the #DFMC for my fundraiser. But it’s still fun, right?

Motivation to Drink Beer: Self-Determination Theory Applied

BEERA few years ago I decided it was time to take the challenge and attempt to join the Dead Author’s Club (also known as the Mug Club) at Bukowski Tavern in Boston. Joining the club requires drinking 130 different beers in a 180-day time period. Once you successfully accomplish this task, you are awarded your own personal, numbered 25-ounce mug engraved with the name of the dead author of your choice (as long as no one else has claimed the author). Your mug hangs in the bar from then on, and when you visit, you are able to fill it with any draft beer for the pint price (read more about the club here). Even though I firmly believe there’s no need to apply motivational design to activities that are inherently pleasurable, like drinking beer, I think Bukowski’s did a very clever job in supporting the three fundamental needs described by self-determination theory in the design of the Dead Author’s Club challenge. Here’s how: Continue reading Motivation to Drink Beer: Self-Determination Theory Applied

Race Recap: Michelob ULTRA Boston 13.1 Marathon

Race Recap- Michelob ULTRA Boston 13.1, September 14, 2014Yesterday I ran the Michelob ULTRA Boston 13.1 Marathon. This was my first time running the mostly flat, oceanside course, which wends through East Boston and Revere. 

After overcoming my initial aversion to a race completely sponsored by Michelob ULTRA and heavily branded as such (I’m sorry! I feel bad! I feel snobby! But Michelob ULTRA is never making my Friday Funday recommended beer list!), I went ahead and registered, figuring it would be a good segue to the fall racing season. Continue reading Race Recap: Michelob ULTRA Boston 13.1 Marathon

I’m running the Boston Marathon!

I'm Running The 2015 Boston Marathon forGuys, I’m so excited. Earlier this week, I found out my application to run the 2015 Boston Marathon as a member of the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge team was accepted!

Like any runner, and especially any runner from Boston, I’ve always harbored a desire to cross the Boston finish line. However, I didn’t believe I’d ever get to do it. I’m not a fast enough runner to qualify, and although I loved doing the LA Marathon last year, the training was so hard and time-consuming that I didn’t feel totally ready to commit again. Continue reading I’m running the Boston Marathon!

Running Recap: Race to the Row

Race Recap- Race to the Row, AssemblyHaving grown up in East Somerville, the Assembly Row project has been exciting to watch. The Assembly Square area has transformed in the last few years from a dwindling retail wasteland into a well-designed community with outlet stores, restaurants, and apartments. It’s only partly done, too, so it should keep getting better and better.

I ran the second annual Race to the Row this past weekend. This 5k race starts and ends within the Assembly Row development. Last year, none of the businesses in Assembly Row were open yet at race time, so it was quite a change this year with many shops and restaurants open. Continue reading Running Recap: Race to the Row