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Vacation Recommendation: Göreme, Turkey

Night time view from the porch at the Kelebek
Night time view from the porch at the Kelebek

Last month we took a trip to Turkey, because why not. We wanted to see Istanbul, of course, and decided to also visit the town of Göreme, in the Cappadocia region.  Several of our friends had visited before (including Nicole of Colie Wanders and Josh of Alt-Ac Advisor) and highly recommended we go too.

This turned out to be excellent advice. We’d like to pass it on to you. Continue reading Vacation Recommendation: Göreme, Turkey

Friday Funday #3: Travel Destination, Iceland!

Vacation Destination- IcelandYes, Iceland!

I would probably never have thought about Iceland for a vacation, but in early 2012, Icelandair offered an incredible travel package between Boston and Reykjavik. I just couldn’t say no.

We went for just under one week in February 2012. The trip package included our direct flights (around 5 hours duration), our hotel, and an expedition to climb a glacier, eat lobster soup, and chase the Northern Lights. While prices within Iceland were expensive, with casual dining feeling more like upscale dining at home price-wise, the entire trip ended up being quite affordable. More importantly, it was very memorable and one-of-a-kind. Continue reading Friday Funday #3: Travel Destination, Iceland!