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Design Tactics to Foster Trust

How do you build technology that people trust?

The world gives us so many examples why we shouldn’t trust technology. Many Americans recently had their personal financial data put at risk by Equifax. It’s looking increasingly likely that Facebook deliberately shaped people’s information exposure in ways that influenced a presidential election. And there are reports that hackers can hijack connected home devices with high frequency voice commands not detectable by human ears. Yet, we persist in creating digital solutions for health, finance, and other incredibly personal topics and ask people to trust them–to trust us. Continue reading Design Tactics to Foster Trust

Fingers Crossed: How Lies Break Social Bonds

fingers crossedOne of the key tenets of self-determination theory is that people are motivated when their need for relatedness is fulfilled. What this means is that we are social creatures who like to feel connected to others. We like to feel valued, and seen as individuals.

One way in which this need is undermined in daily life is through lies. Continue reading Fingers Crossed: How Lies Break Social Bonds