$5.4 Million Dollars Closer to a World Without Cancer

$5.4 Million Dollars CloserHey, did you guys know I ran the Boston Marathon this year? Yeah, I know–I appreciate my friends’ and family’s patience with me as I talked and wrote incessantly about my journey to 26.2 miles with the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge. It was a big event in my life, given my fear of fundraising and my long-held belief that someone with my knee problems would never run a mile, never mind 26 of them in a row.

On October 1, we got to see what our efforts for the 2015 Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge amounted to, and it was amazing: over $5.4 million dollars raised for innovative basic cancer research!

The big check.
The big check. I wasn’t able to attend the award ceremony or I’d include a picture of me holding the giant check.

Our team goal was $5.2 million dollars, which we surpassed by over $200,000. All of this money will go directly to the Barr Program, which supports research by early career scientists on cancer detection, treatment, and cure.

I will always be grateful to all of the people who helped me make my contribution to this fantastic accomplishment. The support from friends and family was one of the best parts of taking on this challenge. And I think it’s important to let all of you know that all of the donations you made and supportive words you shared led to something really great: A giant donation to research that will help prolong, improve, and save lives. We did it!