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A Small Update
A Small Update

A Small Update

I always intend to update this site more often than I manage to do it. I’ve learned that the busier I am at work, the less I’m able to come up with ideas for blog posts, and the less interested I am at writing them. The emotional exhaustion of the last eighteen months generally hasn’t helped.

I just opened the site to see if I had any half decent drafts I could use as the basis for a new post, and well, no. But I have several extremely cute drafts where I was frustrated about various aspects of the pandemic and how social science wasn’t being properly leveraged. Clearly when I wrote these drafts, I didn’t realize things were still getting worse and not better. Still, some good thinking in there if the world were a little less mad.

But that’s a nice segue to my new job, where I’ve gotten to work on a program that’s driving covid vaccination behavior using behavior science and artificial intelligence. It feels great to contribute to meaningful process against covid, and I’m learning a ton in the meantime. Of course, a new role means lots of time spent figuring out a new company, new colleagues, and a new application of behavior science, and not much time or appetite for extracurricular writing.

I’ll probably get back after it at some point–but in the meantime, I’m hanging in there.

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