Beer Recommendation: Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter

Organic Roast (2)One of the things I miss most about living in Michigan is having access to excellent Midwestern beers. One of my favorites, and perhaps my favorite porter ever, is Great Lakes Brewing Company‘s Edmund Fitzgerald Porter.

Great Lakes Brewing Company is based in Cleveland, OH, but its beers are carried on draft, and in bottles and cans throughout Michigan. Unfortunately, the do not distribute to the Northeast, so my only opportunities to indulge in my favorite porter come on trips to the heartland.

So how does the Edmund Fitzgerald (named after an ill-fated freighter that sank in a storm on the Great Lakes in the 1970s) taste? According to me and Beer Advocate, really really good.

I remember first having an Edmund Fitzgerald as a graduate student and thinking it tasted like a stronger, more delicious Guinness. The coffee and chocolate notes that are characteristic of a porter are pronounced here. The beer is smooth and easy-drinking, yet boasts a higher ABV than Guinness.

So if you’re a beer distributor or retailer in the greater Boston area, how about bringing Great Lakes beers to town, will ya?