Beer Recommendation: Southern Tier Pumpking

Southern Tier PumpkingFall is upon us, and so too are pumpkin beers. In general, this is not my favorite category of beer. I don’t dislike them, I just don’t enjoy them enough to seek them out, nor do I typically choose them at a bar. The exception is Southern Tier Pumpking, which I think is the finest of the pumpkin beers and a damn delicious beer in its own right.

I like Southern Tier Pumpking so much, it was the beer I chose for my celebratory first 25 ounce mug as a member of Bukowski’s Dead Author’s Club. That this was an incredibly poor choice had less to do with the taste of the beer (amazing) and more to do with the ABV (8.6%).

Go get yourself some Pumpking before it’s off the shelves for another year!