Brand Personality Done Right: Timely Humor

Brand Personality Done Right- Timely HumorGot personality? Being quirky and unique in communications can pay off big for a brand. Or, it can fall flat if it’s poorly conceived or executed (or if the recipient just doesn’t jibe with it–something Aarron Walter says inĀ Designing for Emotion may be a sign that you’ve successfully created an emotional experience). I just got a fun example of a brand with personality in my inbox, just in advance of a long Independence Day weekend and close on the heels of Britain’s controversial vote to exit the EU:

Screenshot 2016-06-30 12.15.53This actually caught my eye because of the bad grammar in the discount code. I was ready to copy and paste it into a couple of instant messages to mock with my fellow grammatically snobby friends when I noticed the next sentence. And then . . . I laughed. And I read the rest of the message.

What makes this a nice example of brand humor is that it’s quite consistent with the voice and overall branding that Turnstyle has. They tend to be informal and friendly, like your buddy who happens to also know a lot about physical fitness. The goofy Brexit joke and deliberate grammar flub are on-brand, and if you’re a person like me who likes that brand, the use of humor creates a nice moment of warmth.