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Can Context-Bound Research Replicate?

The reproducibility crisis has hit psychology hard.  In writing Engaged: Designing for Behavior Change, I found myself having to double check whether some of the studies I learned about previously are still considered valid to cite.  Part of the book writing process was a technical review, in which I asked five experts to read the manuscript and offer feedback about the accuracy and completeness of the information therein. From that feedback I went through another round of re-review of the information I’d included. Continue reading Can Context-Bound Research Replicate?

12 Bits of Brilliance: Engaged Interviews

One of my favorite parts of writing Engaged: Designing for Behavior Change was talking to experts for their perspectives.  Each of the twelve chapters of Engaged concludes with a two-page conversation with someone who’s doing exciting work related to that chapter’s topic. The interviews gave me a chance to reconnect with old friends and a convenient excuse to reach out to people I admired but did not yet know. It was a huge side benefit I didn’t anticipate about being an author. Continue reading 12 Bits of Brilliance: Engaged Interviews

Engaged Updates – We Have a Cover!

As the publication date for Engaged nears, everything is getting a bit more real! Yesterday Rosenfeld Media shared the book cover, designed by Jason Kernevich of The Heads of State.  It’s so exciting to see a real design applied to the cover (and the palette cascades throughout the internal pages–very pleasing to me as a person who loves saturated colors). Continue reading Engaged Updates – We Have a Cover!

Three Surprising Things About Writing a Book

Since last January, I’ve written a book! That’s one reason why I’ve not updated this site much–it turns out, I have a limited amount of writing energy and the book took all of it. Engaged: Designing for Behavior Change comes out in February from Rosenfeld Media, and I’m super excited to have people read it. Continue reading Three Surprising Things About Writing a Book