Curating the eHealth Universe on Wired

I have a new blog post up on Wired Innovation Insights called¬†Curating the Universe: Behavior Scientists, Technologists to Shape a Better eHealth Future. It’s another entry in my ongoing battle cry that one size does not fit all when it comes to health and wellness interventions. Not only do different people need different tools, but any single person will need different tools at different times depending on what challenges are in play at the moment.

Photo from Thinkstock--this dude has lots of choices for apps, like we all should.
Photo from Thinkstock–this dude has lots of choices for apps, like we all should.

In my own experience as a consumer, I’ve cycled through a number of different eHealth tools and apps. I’m on a kick right now with Fitbit and MyFitnessPal, which are working pretty well for my current needs. In the past I’ve enjoyed (ok, maybe not quite¬†enjoyed) calorie tracking with the DailyPlate (now part of Livestrong) and marathon training with a Hal Higdon app. I’m sure six months from now there will be a different app on my phone–maybe something for strength training or flexibility. The bottom line is, if we really want to create technology that helps people become happier and healthier, we need to stop thinking about creating the be-all-end-all app and instead focus on creating best-in-class exemplars for the different support categories people need. And then, we need to apply our expertise to organizing the apps that are available into a framework that helps guide consumers to the most helpful, effective choices for their needs.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.