Engaged is Now Available for Pre-Order

I promise this won’t be an all-book-all-the-time website forever, but right now things are happening fast and I’m excited! As of today, Engaged: Designing for Behavior Change is available for pre-order from Rosenfeld Media. The target publication date for the hard copy is March 3, with e-book formats available earlier. Pre-orders are 15% off the cover price.

3 thoughts on “Engaged is Now Available for Pre-Order

  1. Hello Amy,

    I am posting this here as I couldn´t find an email addresss on your site. I work as a mobile video instructor, trainer and facilitator. I design training sessions in which I teach professionals how to produce their own mobile video stories with their smartphones cameras and editing apps.

    I saw your new book on the Rosenfeld media Newsletter and I wanted to ask you one question: I wonder if the book can help me to design better learning experiences for the attendees of my mobile video creation workshops. Editing on a smartphone for instance could be boring at first for many people and I would like to make the training-exercises more engaging and fun.

    Thank you for your answer.

    Regards from Bilbao, Spain.

    1. Hi Álvaro-

      I hope the book would help with designing better experiences for your workshop attendees. The focus is mostly on digital design but there is always an experience that accompanies the app or technology. The same principles apply to both. My goal was to make a book that was useful to people so I hope it would meet your needs.


      1. Gracias for your answer Amy!

        I think that “there is always an experience that accompanies the app or technology” is very true.

        It is like that for me too when I first test a video editing or video recording app on my iphone and test it´s usability and think: “is this app going to help the user of my workshop to traing X skill I when them to develop to achieve X goal ? (learning to edit fast on a smartphone for instance).

        If the principles of the book can both help me and the people I serve must be a good book so I´m in. 🙂

        Thanks a lot.

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