Engaged Updates – We Have a Cover!

As the publication date for Engaged nears, everything is getting a bit more real! Yesterday Rosenfeld Media shared the book cover, designed by Jason Kernevich of The Heads of State.  It’s so exciting to see a real design applied to the cover (and the palette cascades throughout the internal pages–very pleasing to me as a person who loves saturated colors).

A couple months ago I was asked to put together a very high level creative brief for the cover–basically colors I like or hate, metaphors for the art that I thought might work, and anything I absolutely wanted to avoid. My main concern was getting some kind of snake imagery on the cover. Snakes make sense as a metaphor for change thanks to the skin shedding thing (ugh, shudder), but I’m terrified of them. Beyond that, I was just hopeful that the artist would do something amazing.

I needn’t have worried; Jason’s design reminds me of the shifting lights and colors of a kaleidoscope. It’s pretty and purposeful and I feel very honored to have it on the cover of my book.