Enhance Your Work Reputation By Sharing Credit for Success

Enhance Your Work Reputation By SharingA surprising way to enhance your own reputation at work is to generously and openly share credit for success with other contributors.¬†Sharing credit for success demonstrates that you are a team player. If you’re a manager, it shows your ability to develop the talent of your team members and position them for success.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t promote your own successes. Of course, you should accept credit for your contributions. But it is rare in a workplace that a project is entirely due to the work of a single person. Thanking others for their input and support is a generous tactic that will not detract from your own success.

The trick is to share credit without demurring or refusing a compliment. Saying “Oh, it was nothing,” or “I had nothing to do with it” when someone notices your work diminishes your accomplishments and suggests a lack of confidence. On the other hand, responding to a compliment by saying, “Thank you. John Doe’s work on the visuals really helped make this successful, and I was lucky to have a great development team on the software. I’m really proud of what the team did.” shows a collaborative orientation.

Unless you work in an incredibly competitive work environment (in which case you might want to think about a change?), you will never look bad by helping other people look good.