February Pick-Me-Up: Smell a Lovely Smell

February Pick-Me-UpI’m pretty open about my dislike of winter. Snow can be beautiful, but after a while, it can also be brutal. I miss feeling warm, seeing vibrant colors outdoors (an exception to the brilliant bluebird who tours my neighborhood a couple times a week–hi, friend!), and smelling flowers, grass, and rain on my walks.

In her book Happier at Home, one of Gretchen Rubin‘s February resolutions was to surround herself more often with pleasurable scents. She writes,

Few pleasures, I reflected, had the simplicity of a lovely scent. As I rushed through the kitchen, I could pause for a moment to inhale the sharp, sweet smell of a grapefruit; it didn’t cost anything, didn’t require anyone else’s cooperation, didn’t have any calories, and didn’t take any planning or time to enjoy. It was a quick hit of an innocent indulgence. Also, I used scent as a cue to experience the experience–to be alive to the present moment, and to my memories.

Candles in my living room; there's never been a better time to light them.
Candles in my living room; there’s never been a better time to light them.

As I struggle through this tough winter, I resolve to try to find small patches of comfort in everyday pleasures like a good smell. For me, that means lighting scented candles, appreciating the aroma of freshly dried laundry, and cooking at home so the scents of my favorite foods fill the apartment.

How can you use scent to bring a little joy to this gray month?