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Friday Funday #1: Tröegs Hopback Amber Ale
Friday Funday #1: Tröegs Hopback Amber Ale

Friday Funday #1: Tröegs Hopback Amber Ale

The Ale of the Hour

For a change of pace, I thought it might be fun to do posts on Fridays about stuff that’s purely recreational, not academic. To kick it off, I have a great summer (fall, winter, and spring) beer recommendation: Tröegs Hopback Amber Ale!

In my own words: I love this beer because it hits this great middle ground between different beer styles. It’s a little hoppy, but doesn’t get anywhere near IPA territory. It’s got a robust taste without being super-heavy. I think Hopback goes well with food or on its own. If I see it on a beer menu, the only reason I might not order it is in order to try something new. It’s definitely one of my most favorite beers, and I find when I recommend it to other beer drinkers, they usually enjoy it, no matter their usual favorite style of beer.

In the words of people who know stuff about beer:

This Is Why I’m Drunk: “a buttered bread smell”; “plenty of balance”

Beer Advocate: 90, Outstanding

Philly Magazine: Best Local Beer 2006

The Tröegs Brewery is in Pennsylvania, and their beers are fairly easy to find on draft throughout Boston and the Northeast. If you’re near a Yard House, they often carry several Tröegs beers on draft.


  1. Malcolm Duff

    Hello Dr. Bucher,

    My name is Malcolm and I am from the UK.

    I arrived here by following your link from that Facebook debate that you posted on. Oops, I meant “that Facebook debate on which you posted”. Never end a sentence with a preposition. More than my life is worth…

    I thought you had one of the sanest and well-thought out opinions and so followed the link to the longer article on your blog page – which I read, liked and have some comments about, just wait. Then I looked around and found this article. Lovely.

    So here is my favourite or – in your language – favorite quote about alcohol;

    There was a bloke called Vivian Stanshall (1943 – 1995) Go Google – if you trust them, heh, heh.
    He was the inspiration, lead instrumentalist and lead singer of a combo called “The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band”. He really was, (Us fans just call them “The Bonzos”). You could most charitably think of him as another great British eccentric.
    Or – as I would term him – a genius. Their music, written mostly by him – was a parody of all music that you have ever heard. His Elvis (Death Cab for Cutie) is cryingly funny as is his “Tubas in the Moonlight” – taking the mick out of the big band sound. He invented several new musical instruments – one of which can only be described as a garden hose. You like him already – eh?

    Anyway. He fell for that common enemy of anyone who has money, fame, accolade and a feeling that this can go on forever. Alcohol. Sure, other drugs must have been taken, but alcohol was his chosen devil.

    He said this in an interview on the BBC – around 1987 or thereabouts.
    So, and here is the quote – ready? – good;

    “If I had all the money that I have ever spent on booze, I would spend it on booze”.

    That is so right. So honest. So understandable.

    By the way, he died in his flat in Notting Hill (London) because his friends set fire to him.

    Makes you think about Facebook’s “friend list” doesn’t it?

    I apologise – yes, it is an “s” – for the length of this email. You can solve this problem by reducing the size of your font, emails shorter, right there – works for me!


    1. Malcolm-

      You are an interesting guy. Thanks for an unusual and enlightening comment. I hope I never become the type of person whose friends light her on fire! That said, I too enjoy a strong libation, as you may have guessed, and while I have never heard of Stanshall, I do like Death Cab for Cutie. I have some reading to do.


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