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Friday Funday #6: De La Montanya Winery
Friday Funday #6: De La Montanya Winery

Friday Funday #6: De La Montanya Winery

De La Montanya (1)My brother moved to the San Francisco area several years ago, and a highlight of visiting him is touring wineries in the surrounding areas. It was probably six years ago now that he brought us to De La Montanya Winery & Vineyards in the Russian River Valley. De La Montanya quickly became one of my favorite wineries, both because of its delicious and reasonably priced wine, and its welcoming atmosphere.

I am by no means a wine expert; I know just enough to be dangerous with a wine list. That said, I think pretty much every De La Montanya wine I’ve tried has been delicious, and when I’ve shared them with people who know wines more than I do, they’ve backed me up!

After a boozy afternoon spent picnicking, bocce playing, and wine tasting on De La Montanya’s grounds, I joined their wine club (my husband calls it me getting carried away; I think it was a very reasonable thing to do). As a wine club member, I received a case of assorted DLM red wines every six months, delivered right to my door.

You'll have to pry them from my cold, dead hands, etc. etc.
You’ll have to pry them from my cold, dead hands, etc. etc.

Then I moved to Massachusetts. You may be familiar with Massachusetts as the settling place of the Puritans, and the home of some of the strictest and weirdest alcohol laws in the nation. Several of these laws affect how wine can be shipped across state lines to a Massachusetts resident in such a confusing and complicated way that nobody does it. I can no longer receive my DLM wine deliveries at home.

I am bereft.

I am down to my last three bottles.

Aside from scanning the wine shop aisles for DLM on every store visit and sneaking a few bottles into my luggage whenever I visit California, I think I am out of luck on getting my DLM wine fix for a while. But you might be able to order this delicious wine, if you live in one of the many parts of the United States with less draconian alcohol shipment laws. If you do, I recommend you go for it! Ditto if you find yourself in the Russian River Valley and have a chance to visit the actual winery–you will not regret it.

In the meantime, the following companies do home wine delivery in Massachusetts:

  • Laithwaites Wine (good wines, but they call you a lot after you’re a customer to try to upsell you)
  • Food & Wine Wine Club (wines less consistently good than Laithwaites, but really nice tasting notes and recipes accompany each bottle)
  • WSJ Wine (I have not tried this one personally; it seems to be fulfilled through the same vendor as Laithwaites)

What are your favorite wines? Bonus points if I can get them in Massachusetts!