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Guilty Pleasure Friday
Guilty Pleasure Friday

Guilty Pleasure Friday

Guilty PleasuresIn the spirit of posting something just for fun on Fridays, I want to confess to a few of my guilty pleasures. I don’t normally tell the general public about these vices of mine, but if I really believe that authenticity is the path to happiness, then I guess I shouldn’t be hiding my favorite leisure activities should I?

So without further ado, a Friday Five list of my guilty pleasures:

The Gawker Family of Blogs

I’ve weaned myself off most celebrity gossip in the last ten years or so, but maintain a connection to pop culture through the Gawker blogs (also including Deadspin for sports, Lifehacker for tips, and Jezebel for the feminist perspective). These blogs maintain enough of a balance between current events reporting and celebrity gossip for me to both enjoy them and keep my head high.

Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder

I travel a lot, okay? And long flights sometimes require some light entertainment in the form of downloaded television programs. I got hooked on Scandal last year; I’m a sucker for shows with political intrigue, murder, and mystery, and once you add in the amazing costume design you’ve got a formula that works for me. I started watching How to Get Away With Murder because it was paired with Scandal and why mess with something that works? I recognize both shows are objectively cheesy–Fitz would be impeached immediately in real life and Annaliese would probably be fired for using her students as unpaid labor–but I can’t stop watching.

 Toasty Cheese Sandwiches

Take a pita pocket and halve it. Fill it with yellow American cheese slices. Put in toaster until the pita is crisp and the cheese is gooey. Eat. Repeat. If your husband goes out of town, this is a suitable lunch AND dinner for multiple days in a row. Also a good cold-weather snack.

UGG Women’s Ansley Slippers

This one wouldn’t be a guilty pleasure if I didn’t normally hate the UGG brand of shoes/boots. I really hate UGG boots. Did you know they’re not waterproof? What’s the point of a boot that leaks, I ask? And I don’t think they’re particularly cute, either.

However, UGG’s slippers are just a dream. I’ve tried a few different models and have settled on the Ansley as my favorite. If I’m at home, I’m probably wearing my Ansleys. I replace them every other year with a new pair and think they’re worth every penny. They’re warm and soft and comfortable. They come in lots of colors. They make me feel instantly relaxed. I love them.

Fast Food Soft Serve

I don’t usually eat fast food at all (it’s reserved only for road trips). However, I am known to pop into a McDonald’s or a Burger King for a soft serve vanilla ice cream cone. They’re priced at under $1.50 (sometimes under $1 depending on where you are), under 200 calories, and are really delicious, good quality soft serve. Anyplace else in Boston that sells soft serve does it at a much higher price. A fast food soft serve cone is one of my favorite cheap treats.

What are your guilty pleasures?