Indulging in Self-Pity–Then Moving On

I’ve tried to be positive, but I’m just down in the dumps right now. Since I finished the marathon last month, my body’s really crashed. First I had the intense soreness that I think any marathon runner gets, followed by a cold, followed by the onset of spring allergies, and now capped with another bad cold. Basically, it’s been about six weeks since I could reliably breathe through my nose.

In the meantime, I am itching to get back to running and starting to get nervous about being well-prepared for my two spring/summer half-marathons. I watched the Boston Marathon yesterday as always, and while it was fantastic to see my city back in full force, it also made me feel sorry for myself that I’m still sniffling instead of sprinting. I was definitely feeling jealous of the marathon runners. (This is, not coincidentally, the time of year where I always resolve to join a charity team for next year’s Boston Marathon. So far I haven’t done it, but maybe 2015 is the year?)

My goals for the rest of this week are to try not to beat myself up so much for slacking off on the running, to get moving as much as I can without wearing myself out, and to try to kick this cold for good (which will undoubtedly involve self-indulgent naps and mugs of hot tea). I also resolve to get back to yoga, which I have severely neglected since LA. Yoga is so against my nature as an impatient fast mover, which is probably exactly why it’s so good for me. I miss it and my muscles feel the difference having not done much of it lately.

What are your short-term resolutions?