It’s Marathon Monday!

It's Marathon Monday!Congratulations to all of the runners in today’s 120th Boston Marathon. You’re going to feel amazing after you cross that finish line.

I had a little bit of a hard time not signing up again because it was such a fulfilling experience to run the marathon last year in support of Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge. As the day has drawn closer, I’ve found myself feeling grateful that I overcame that initial temptation. Training for a marathon is brutally hard work, and fundraising on top of that brings it to another level. On the plus side, crossing the finish line is just unbelievable. I fully understand that joke about marathoners now (How do you know if someone’s run a marathon? They’ll tell you.).

I’m excited to watch today’s race and cheer on my friends who are running. Many of my DFMC teammates are returning to the course, and other friends are supporting amazing charities as well. If you see the distinctive DFMC singlet on the course, please cheer for Dana-Farber!

2 thoughts on “It’s Marathon Monday!

    1. I love spectating for the charity runners in particular. I felt really torn about wanting to run again watching them, although it’s easy to forget all the training when you see the smiles on Marathon Monday.

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