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Recipe: Roasted Salmon with Leeks, Mushrooms, and Arugula
Recipe: Roasted Salmon with Leeks, Mushrooms, and Arugula

Recipe: Roasted Salmon with Leeks, Mushrooms, and Arugula

Roasted SalmonJust like pretty much everyone else, my husband and I struggle sometimes to get dinner on the table when we’ve both been working all day. Too often, we resort to takeout. Yet, we both want to eat healthy foods and the best way to make that happen is to cook.

This recipe for Roasted Salmon with Mushrooms and Leeks on a lemony bed of wilted arugula is a godsend for those hectic weeknights. As long as we’re able to hit the grocery store for ingredients, we’re assured a healthy and delicious dinner from our own kitchen in about 30 minutes.

By the way, this recipe comes from Fine Cooking Magazine, which has excellent recipes in every issue. They always include a section for quick weeknight meals and we’ve either adopted some of those recipes wholesale or adapted them for our meal rotation. The magazine is geared toward the more experienced home cook, but has recipes that even a newbie could pull off, like this one.

Roasted Salmon with Leeks, Mushrooms, and Arugula (from Fine Cooking Magazine)


  • 1/2 lb. shiitake mushrooms, stemmed and sliced 1/4 inch thick
  • 1 medium leek, white and light-green parts only, halved lengthwise, rinsed well, and sliced 1/8 inch thick
  • 3 Tbs. extra-virgin olive oil
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 medium lemon
  • 4 skinless salmon fillets, 6 to 8 oz. each
  • 3 lightly packed cups (3 oz.) baby arugula


Position a rack in the center of the oven and heat the oven to 450°F. Line a large rimmed baking sheet with parchment.

In a medium bowl, toss the mushrooms, leek, oil, 1/2 tsp. salt, and 1/4 tsp. pepper.

Finely grate the lemon zest. In a small bowl, mix the zest with 1 tsp. salt and 1/4 tsp. pepper.

Arrange the salmon on the baking sheet, rub the lemon zest mixture on the tops and sides of the fillets, and scatter the mushrooms and leeks around the fish in a single layer.

Roast until the vegetables are tender and the fish is opaque in the center, about 15 minutes. If the fish finishes cooking before the vegetables, transfer it to a plate and continue to roast the vegetables until tender, 3 to 5 minutes more.

Combine the arugula and roasted vegetables in a large bowl. Squeeze about 1 Tbs. juice from the lemon onto the vegetables and toss to combine. Season to taste with salt, pepper, and more lemon juice. Divide the mixture among four serving plates. Top each salad with a piece of the fish and serve.

Nutrition (per serving; serves 4)

Calories (kcal): 410; Fat (g): fat g 16; Fat Calories (kcal): 140; Saturated Fat (g): sat fat g 1.5; Protein (g): protein g 41; Monounsaturated Fat (g): 9; Carbohydrates (g): carbs g 8; Polyunsaturated Fat (g):3.5; Sodium (mg): sodium mg 530; Cholesterol (mg): cholesterol mg 105; Fiber (g): fiber g 2

Amy’s Additions and Tips

  • I ask the person at the fish counter in the grocery store to skin my salmon for me. Otherwise, it ends up massacred. I’m no good at skinning fish.
  • We scale this down by making only about half the salmon. We usually order 1 lb. which ends up being a little less after it’s skinned, and this is plenty for two people.
  • Similarly to my attitude toward shiitake mushrooms in the mixed mushroom ragu recipe, I’m not loyal to them here. I often buy baby bella mushrooms instead; I like their texture better, they’re cheaper, and easier to find.
  •  You really don’t need to worry so much about measuring for the veggie part. You’re basically making a salad. Any amount of arugula, mushroom, and leek is good as long as you like the balance.
  • Leeks aren’t always easy to find, so we started subbing scallions (green onions). We agree we actually like these even better than leeks since they have a sharper taste (and don’t need to be cleaned as thoroughly).

What healthy weeknight meals are in your rotation? What inspires your dinner choices when time is tight?


  1. Julie B

    This looks delicious! I tend to shy away from cooking fish for myself, but I’m not THAT scared of salmon so I’ll definitely be trying this.

    Loving your blog!

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