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From the Archives: Competition, Collaboration, and Writing

From the ArchivesI was browsing through some of my old documents, and came across a piece I wrote in grad school about competition and collaboration in academia, and how academics practice their craft via writing. The course was on creating an academic career for yourself, in the loftiest and most philosophical of ways. The professor was someone I admired deeply; he was generous with his feedback and so smart you couldn’t help but learn from him. This particular paper caught my eye because even though I opted out of academia entirely (no fault of this course!), it presages some of the themes I still think about: Balancing individual and group success. Being authentic. Expressing yourself through writing. Continue reading From the Archives: Competition, Collaboration, and Writing

Career Options Outside Academia for Psychology PhDs

Just because you’ve earned a Ph.D. in psychology doesn’t mean you’re going to go into an academic job. I didn’t.

I mentioned that when I made the choice not to pursue an academic career, my mentors were at a bit of a loss on how to help me in my job search. This was not because they didn’t want to help me, but rather because there aren’t a lot of prominent examples available to them of careers a person with a Ph.D might pursue outside of academia.

Since I graduated, I’ve considered it my karmic duty to talk with anyone who is in grad school and thinking about a non-academic career. If I can help reassure somebody that there are satisfying, challenging careers that utilize the unique skills learned in a Ph.D. program, then I feel like I’m leaving the world a slightly better place than I found it.

So with that as background, here are some thoughts on the types of jobs you might pursue with a Ph.D. in psychology that are outside of the academic tenure track: Continue reading Career Options Outside Academia for Psychology PhDs