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Designing for Financial Behavior: FxD 2018 Panel Recap

It’s easy for financial experts to say what people should do to achieve financial well-being. We can rattle off rules of thumb like: contribute enough to your 401k to achieve the full employer match; set aside enough savings to cover three months of expenses in an emergency; and leverage health savings accounts and other tools to offset the costs of care. These tips can work, but they ignore the reality that many people can’t or won’t follow them. In our panel on Designing for Financial Behavior at the 2018 Financial Experience Design (FxD) conference, we discussed how we can design tools to help improve people’s financial well-being while balancing what people should do with what they can and will do.

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A Behavior Change Perspective on the Community First! Village in Austin

a-behavior-change-perspective-on-the-community-first-village-in-austinLast week I went to the Innovation Learning Network in Person meeting in Austin, TX. Part of the agenda was going on a mystery “innovation safari” to a local organization thinking innovatively about health and wellness. My assignment was to go to the Community First! Village, operated by Mobile Loaves & Fishes. Full disclosure: I was skeptical based on the limited information I had boarding the shuttle to go to the village. Continue reading A Behavior Change Perspective on the Community First! Village in Austin

Next Edge Summit 2016 Recap

recapEarlier this week I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel at the Next Edge Summit in Boston. The two day event’s theme was “Reimagining the Patient Journey.” Much of that re-imagination came through the lens of technology, and specifically artificial intelligence and its role in creating and delivering personalized health interventions. The focus stems from the expertise of Next IT Healthcare, which presents the summit. Continue reading Next Edge Summit 2016 Recap

HxRefactored: Day 2 Dispatches

HxRefactoredBetter late than never, I hope! Between travel and the onset of a nasty cold, I didn’t get to this post as quickly after the end of HxRefactored as I’d planned. Day 2 of HxR flew by even more quickly than Day 1 despite being, technically speaking, longer. The day was bookended by keynotes with topic-specific panels in between. Shockingly, I spent my day hunkered down at the Behavior Change panels hearing about the latest and greatest in the area. Continue reading HxRefactored: Day 2 Dispatches

Dispatches from Day 1: HxRefactored

Dispatches from Day 1- HxRefactoredYesterday was the first day of HxRefactored, which is permanently in contention for my favorite conference ever. As usual, the programming was superb, thought-provoking, and engaging. I tweeted my face off (check out my feed to the right of this post or at Twitter directly). The following were, at least on first reflection, my major takeaways: Continue reading Dispatches from Day 1: HxRefactored

Designing for Behavior Change Event

If you’re interested, I will be speaking at a cool event on Thursday, August 28th about designing for behavior change. It was organized by Joshua Kotfila of the Boston Organized Self group, so I expect we’ll have a lot of discussion about data tracking and feedback and how those guide changing health behaviors. My co-presenters are amazing:

You can purchase tickets for the event by clicking here. As the event description says,

If you are a designer, technologist, health professional, entrepreneur, journalist, scientist, or user, please join us for an interactive evening of inspiration packed with great speakers, networking and more!

Presenting At UXPA Boston

I found out a few days ago that my presentation proposal was accepted to UXPA Boston on May 15. I’m pretty excited–user experience is a topic I’m passionate about, and I’ve found it’s not always easy as a psychologist to have a voice in that process. People usually think of designers and information architects when they think of UX, but we psychologists have some things to add too!

The agenda for the conference was just published this week and I have to say I am both excited and intimidated by it. Excited because I’m going to get to see a lot of great presentations that will add immediate value to my day-to-day work–and intimidated for obvious reasons.

Anyway, if you work in the area of user experience, check out the UXPA Boston event. You’ll definitely learn at least one thing, and it’s next door to one of my favorite watering holes, Bukowski Tavern, for post-conference beer time.