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An Idea is Born: Writing and the Creative Process

An Idea is Born (2)Last week I attended a really cool event: I saw Stephen King interview Lee Child, author of the Jack Reacher novels, at Sanders Theater at Harvard University. It was easily the best class I’ve ever attended in that lecture hall, with apologies to my Confucian Humanism professor. The conversation between King and Child¬†was intended to promote the newest Reacher book,¬†Make Me, but ended up covering topics from casting movies based on novels, to understanding cultures where novels are set, to the creative process. Continue reading An Idea is Born: Writing and the Creative Process

Innovation by Argumentation

I’m hard-pressed to think of any professional work where innovation doesn’t matter. If you develop products, offer services, or any combination thereof, it’s important to work on consistently improving and evolving. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

At the same time, many workplaces, including my own, have a culture of respect that can sometimes limit our ability to debate with one another. That can be a hindrance because argument is actually a good method for creativity. Check out this article about why and how:


One comment on the article points out that argument really takes place post-brainstorm, when some ideas have been generated to discuss. Continue reading Innovation by Argumentation