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Does Group Fitness Rise on the Tide of Relatedness?

Does Group Fitness Rise on the Tide of Relatedness-My favorite fitness is solo fitness, but I’m increasingly in the minority on that one (or so it seems). There have always been group fitness opportunities but they seem to be increasing in number. Here in Boston, we have new boutique gyms and studios opening every month, and programs like ClassPass are making them more easily accessible to anyone (although their recent price hike might change that). One of the biggest free fitness movements in the country, the November Project, started here, and I can think of at least three or four free running clubs in my neighborhood alone.

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The Unintended Positive Consequences of Pokémon Go

The Unintended Positive Consequences ofUsually we associate playing video games with being sedentary, but that’s not the case here. Since Pokémon Go was released last week (and became an instant hit), a number of people have observed that players seem to be getting more exercise than usual while playing the game. The game uses geolocation to plant characters in real world locations, where players can detect and capture them with the phone. Being successful at the game requires physically navigating the world. Continue reading The Unintended Positive Consequences of Pokémon Go

Rant: We Need Calories to Live

RANTEvery once in a while, I see a social media post or weight loss tool that exploits the concept of how much exercise is needed to burn off the calories in different foods. The premise makes sense on the surface: If you know it will take two hours of jogging to counteract the donut you ate, maybe you’ll think twice before choosing breakfast pastry. However, I submit that the premise is actually deeply flawed and can lead to disordered thinking about food. We need calories to live. Continue reading Rant: We Need Calories to Live

The Motivational Mojo of MapMyRun’s Year in Review

The Motivational Mojo of MapMyRun's Year in ReviewContinuing the thread of year-end wrap-ups that press the levers of motivation (see my post on TripAdvisor here, and Blue Apron here), I wanted to share the year in review that I found the most inspirational of all, from MapMyRun.  I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with MapMyRun; it was the first program I ever used to log my running data, and they don’t make it easy to export, so even though I’ve come to like other running programs better, I stick with MapMyRun for data’s sake. Yes, I am neurotic. Continue reading The Motivational Mojo of MapMyRun’s Year in Review

Resolutions for the New Year (NOT New Year’s Resolutions!): Mind, Body, Soul

Resolutions for the New Year (NOT New Year's Resolutions!)For the last couple of years, I’ve had some defined goals beginning in January. I wouldn’t call them New Year’s resolutions–in fact, I think that approach can be counter-productive. Even so, the new year is a good reminder to thoughtfully evaluate one’s life. In 2014, I resolved to do one awesome thing each quarter. The result was my Year of Awesome. In 2015, I hooked into an initiative at work and picked goals for mind, body, and soul. Continue reading Resolutions for the New Year (NOT New Year’s Resolutions!): Mind, Body, Soul

How Toronto Gently Nudges Bikers and Runners to the Right

HowLast weekend I was in Toronto for a family wedding. I’ve been there before–it was a relatively quick 5 hour drive when I was in grad school and home to one of my best friends–but not in several years, and I never stayed downtown before this particular wedding. A big change is that since my last visit to Toronto, I’ve become a runner. Continue reading How Toronto Gently Nudges Bikers and Runners to the Right

My First Streaking Experience

My First Streaking ExperienceA few months ago, I spoke with Shape.com about a phenomenon they dubbed “streaking.” Streaking refers to performing a specific health-related behavior every day for a certain period of time (a week, a month, a year).  As an example, Runner’s World facilitates season-based run streaks including social media posts and badges that can be shared on one’s profile. I’ve also seen people commit to some type of exercise every day for a month, often during January or February when New Year’s resolutions abound. Continue reading My First Streaking Experience

Running Playlist: Marathon Edition

Running PlaylistI’m not shy about sharing how much I love to listen to music while I run. Don’t worry, I’m good about keeping the volume low for safety.

Training for a marathon during this particularly cold and icy winter has made me even more grateful for the pick-me-up of a good playlist during my runs. My feet and hands may be cold, my clothes may be wet from snow, rain and sweat, and my legs may be aching, but dammit, I’ve got some good tunes in my ears! Continue reading Running Playlist: Marathon Edition

Gear Review: Nike Element Shield Full Zip Jacket

Gear ReviewAfter last week’s cold long run, I resolved to buy myself some warmer running gloves. My hands just get ridiculously, unusably cold with my Reynaud’s once the temps drop. I went to Marathon Sports with a birthday gift card I’d received in search of gloves. Unfortunately, the only ones that seemed warm and windproof enough for my needs were also sold out in my size. Never one to be deterred from shopping, I browsed the rest of the store for other cold weather gear and came upon the Nike Element Shield Full Zip Jacket. Continue reading Gear Review: Nike Element Shield Full Zip Jacket

Running with Raynaud’s

Running WithDon’t know what Raynaud’s Syndrome is? You’re lucky.

All things considered, Raynaud’s isn’t the worst thing to have. It won’t kill you. But it is very unpleasant. With Raynaud’s, your blood vessels essentially overreact to even mild cold, leading you with numb extremities. My Raynaud’s strikes my hands and feet most severely, but I also sometimes experience it in my lips (which is why I won’t drink a beverage with ice without a straw). Continue reading Running with Raynaud’s