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Race Recap: Run to Remember Half Marathon

Race RecapFor the second week in a row, I ran a specific race for the fourth time in four years. On Sunday I participated in Boston’s annual Run to Remember, a half marathon and 5 mile race that supports the families of fallen police officers.

I registered for the half marathon distance, figuring that I should be able to handle it after running Boston a month earlier. I had originally planned to squeeze in one or maybe two long runs (10-12 miles) in the weeks before the race, but then of course I got a fairly bad cold and ended up not doing it. As a result, the Run to Remember was by far my longest run since the marathon and I was nervous about not being well-prepared. Continue reading Race Recap: Run to Remember Half Marathon

Race Recap: Ragnar Cape Cod

Race RecapLast weekend, I tried something new and ran a relay race. The Ragnar Cape Cod race covers 192 miles from Hull to Provincetown, MA. Each team has 12 runners (or 6 if you’re an ultra team) who take turns covering that distance while the others leapfrog them in a van. The entire process takes anywhere from 20 hours (for the winners) to 30+. As you can imagine, sleep takes a back seat while you’re participating. Continue reading Race Recap: Ragnar Cape Cod

Boston Marathon: After the Finish

Boston MarathonI can’t believe after so many months of training, fundraising, and generally freaking out that the Boston Marathon is over.

It was one of the best days of my life.

People had told me that Boston was a special marathon, and while I believe them, I also remembered how fantastic LA was and thought they must be exaggerating. I hadn’t factored in what it would be like to run on roads where I had trained, in my hometown, with spectators five people deep lining the roads as we crested into Boston. It was amazing. Continue reading Boston Marathon: After the Finish

Boston Marathon Training Week 9 Update: Taking The Show on the Road

Boston Marathon Training (1)I’m not always excited about how much travel I do for work, but this last week I could not have been happier to be on the road and out of perpetually snowy Boston. During the week I was in Orlando, Florida, and then I spent the weekend in San Francisco visiting family. This means I was able to do lots of running without ANY snow!

Before you get jealous and/or hate me, there are no more warm weather respites in sight for me before the marathon. From here on out, I’ll be struggling through the snow with the rest of you. Continue reading Boston Marathon Training Week 9 Update: Taking The Show on the Road

Lucky Number Seven: Boston Marathon Training Recap, Week 7

Boston Marathon Training (3)This week, Mother Nature clearly showed her disapproval of my marathon training. Like a proper brat, I did my best to get in the miles anyway.

I don’t know if the media coverage was as crazy everywhere as it was in Boston, but in case you missed it, we got a little snow. The news claimed we got about 25 inches here in the city, or roughly 31% of Rob Gronkoswki by height. Continue reading Lucky Number Seven: Boston Marathon Training Recap, Week 7

Race Recap: Cambridge 5k Yulefest

Race Recap- Cambridge 5k YulefestYesterday was the final race in my 2014 season: The Cambridge 5k Yulefest. This race begins and ends in Harvard Square and loops through Cambridge.

This is the second time I’ve run this race, and the fourth or fifth race in the C5k series I ran this year. Yulefest had all the hallmarks of the C5k series: Tons of costumes, a DJ blasting music, and best of all, free beer at the finish from phenomenal local breweries including Notch Brewing, Night Shift Brewing, Slumbrew, and Downeast Cider. Continue reading Race Recap: Cambridge 5k Yulefest