My book, Engaged: Designing for Behavior Change, was published by Rosenfeld Media in March 2020.

Here’s what it’s about:

Why are some digital experiences utterly entrancing, while others can’t hold people’s attention for more than a few minutes? The answer lies in the psychology of engagement. Human beings are motivated by experiences that fuel core psychological needs. Whether you’ve studied psychology or are new to behavior change, you can incorporate these principles into your products to help people achieve meaningful goals, learn and grow, and connect with one another. This book offers practical tips for applying the psychology of engagement so your users fall in love with your product.

“Behavior change designer” may well become a widely recognized job title thanks to this breakthrough work. Bucher, who describes herself as a psychologist applying her knowledge to the design of behaviorally based digital experiences, has created a volume that is absorbing, timely, and (not surprisingly) impeccably designed.

-Kirkus Reviews, June 2020

Podcast Interviews and Talks Related to Engaged

Engaged named Habit Weekly’s book of the month for March 2020.

Kirkus Reviews calls Engaged “a seminal work on innovative digital design” (starred) and featured it as an Indie pick in their June 15, 2020 magazine and a Favorite Indie Book of 2020.

Engaged was included on Behavioral Scientist‘s list of notable books of 2020.

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Excerpts from Engaged

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  • Excerpt from Chapter 9, Mr. Roboto: Connecting with Technology, from A List Apart
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